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I attempted to uninstall exchange 2003 after performing a migration to exchange 2010. The uninstall failed and the only remenant is public folders when will not remove.
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The correct way is by following these steps http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd876883.aspx however If unable to remove using the following steps

How to irrevocably rip out public folders (assuming data not required for restore)

Remove Public Folder Database from ADSIEDIT

  2. Connect to CONFIGURATION partition (not the default naming context)
  3. Navigate to services > MS exchange > Organization -> Microsoft Exchange administrative group (123123123) -> Databases
  4. Delete your public folder database xxxxxxxxxxxx by right clicking and select delete

Remove reference to the public folder in ADSIEDIT

  1. Navigate to the container that holds the Exchange databases. For Exchange 2010 you’ll find this in CN=Services > CN=Microsoft Exchange > CN=(Org name) > CN=Administrative Groups > CN=Exchange Administrative Group (123123123123) -> CN=Databases.
  2. Right-click the mailbox database you want to remove the default public folder database from and choose Properties.
  3. Scroll down until you find the msExchHomePublicMDB attribute. Highlight it and then click Edit.
    • Note: you may need to change the filter view.
  4. Click the Clear button so that the value changes to “not set”.
  5. Click OK, and OK again to commit the change.
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